Jun. 2nd, 2008

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I've been very lax about posting on my journal, yes indeed. 

Lately I've been so preoccupied with the current Shakespeare Co. play production that I haven't had much time to think.  Even when I have, my thoughts are entirely disorderly and I simply cannot focus long enough to collate them into something cohesive.  *sigh*... I suppose I'm not a very good multi-tasker.  I become stressed easily without some long breaks in my schedule.  When I do finally find I have a bit of time to myself, it seems my mind just races around from topic to topic like some kind of epileptic slide show.  Flashes of things I am concerned about, dwelling on, need to remember, etc.  But I can't seem to settle on thoroughly thinking through any one of them.  They're all crowding in at once.  So, I usually just wind up trying to distract myself, or otherwise wander about restlessly.

No wonder I'm bone tired.  =(

Taming O' the Shrew opened this past weekend.  I was really concerned we weren't going to pull it off this time, but somehow, it all did miraculously come together in the end.  I praise the gods with all my heart for whatever Muse interceded on our part!  There are certainly some glaring weak links that I wish weren't there, but what can you do when you're (technically) doing community theatre...?  As much as we aspire to greatness, we're still about inclusion for the most part and some of it can't be helped, I suppose.  (ie:  Ugh.  The Servants just can't seem to get it together!!)

So, first weekend down.  Two to go...

I am rather looking forward to this one being over.  It's been much more grueling on me personally, and more difficult to muster the necessary enthusiasm to push through the doldrums and setbacks.  I confess I've probably had less fun on this than usual.  Winter's Tale had a similar dynamic, but was not quite as demanding of my focus.  A few times along the way this time around, I'd wished I could simply pack it in.  I felt over-invested; like the demands were sucking the life out of me without providing enough of a return.  And of course, the weather is beginning to get humid out, which further drains me.  I really can't tolerate the heat.

Here's hoping I can post more soon -- I have actually been wanting to flesh out some trains of thought that have occurred to me.  Maybe this week...


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