Feb. 8th, 2007

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So, it's just me left standing apparently.  

Should I really talk about being the only one I know that has yet to be felled this season by the various and multifarious viri and bacteriae that are presently going around?  In my paranoid superstitions, I wonder if I'm simply calling down some virulent plague upon myself.  Seriously, though... almost EVERYONE in my immediate social sphere has had *something* recently.  Stomach virus, bronchitis, head cold, sinus infection, you name it, it's been going around here.  I wonder why this cold season seems SO much more severe than recent years.  Perhaps it's the fault of global warming, hmm?  Almost 80 degree weather in December, then a January winter sweeping in with a vengeance, almost to entirely make up for it.  We've had 20-30 degree weather for about a week and a half, some days even in the teens Fahrenheit.  Even a few small dumps of the pretty white stuff (snow, of course).  Really, I love the cold, but going in and out of bone dry 20 deg F weather into 80 degree roasting buildings must simply play havoc on the immune system...

I've been eating an orange every day... not necessarily to prevent illness, but rather because the blood oranges (which Wegmans has euphamistically dubbed "raspberry" oranges to drum up interest of conventional consumers who get skittish at the mention of "blood" anything) are especially tasty this season.  Very consistently good.

Was on the train today thinking how microbes would just delight (if they had anything vaguely approaching glee) in the opportunity for contagion.  Hot environments that operate just like incubators, packed with people in close quarters.  A veritable microbe feast.  People sneezing, holding their hand in front of their mouth, then touching the rail to get up.  Ugh, the possibilities.


Keep exercising.  Keep eating oranges.  Hope for the best.


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