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So... here @ work, the Management has recently installed one of those individual coffee/tea machines on every floor.  It really was quite an experiment in social behavior to watch what happened once they plunked it down on the counter and all the natives began to approach and try it out.

First, there were no instructions.  The erudite/experienced among us figured out how to work it, and passed this knowledge on to others.  Various times during the day you could enter the utility/kitchenette room and overhear someone teaching another what to do.

People tried out various options.  Chai (w/ or w/o latte option), English Breakfast, various coffee strengths, herbal teas.

The Coveted:  Milky Way latte (or Chococcino). 
Lots of ooohs and aaahs for this one.  Always disappears once it is refilled.  To be fair, this was the very first thing I tried.  Meh for hot chocolate overall; insipidly sweet.  Calorie content = 90% sugar 10% fat.  Floor calorie consumption soars.  How many people will gain weight drinking a couple of these puppies a day??

Vaguely curious if the installation of the new machines would coincide with an increase or decrease in productivity... hmm.

My Boss grumbled about the new "water cooler" effect the machine has already had.  Too many people in the little room socializing now.  He's right.  There's almost always 5-6 people in there at any given time.  The place is always buzzing.  (Also probably because everyone is more caffeinated).

More options show up the second week:  Earl Grey and green tea.
These are probably my mainstays.  Still haven't tried the coffee options.  Probably won't.  I HATE Coffee-mate. (Hey, that rhymes!)  Need light cream or half/half.

Sidelined with another sinus upper respiratory thing.  Laryngitis took my voice away and gave me a nice chesty cough.  ='(
Feel sleepy and unmotivated and a bit drugged (because I am).

Meh.  Earl Grey + honey!

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