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Today's journey home after work didn't really begin well.

The El train was arriving just as I reached the turnstiles; no one was in the booth to take my ticket, so I had to run.  >=(
I made the train, but it was overcrowded.  I decided to get off @ the next stop and wait for the next train so I waited ...and waited ...and waited... Grrrrrr!

Finally, I just gave up, knowing the next stupid train would be WAY overcrowded and ran up the steps to the free interchange with the trolley line and took one.  Got off @ 19th and walked down 20th to mollify myself with gelato to soothe my annoyance with mass transit...  Red grape sorbetto and burnt sugar gelato... MMMMMMMMMM.!

Saw that guy who looks like a young Stephen Colbert again on the local train on the way home.  Well... backup... saw this guy a few weeks back on the way home first.  Ironically, it was the same week that Stephen Colbert was doing the Colbert Report from U of Penn.  Very strange.  This guy has the same haircut and glasses.  I'm sure he gets comments all the time.

Kinda cute too.  Which worries me a bit that I may actually find Stephen Colbert attractive.  =?
But married.  I looked for (and found) the ring on the appropriate finger.

Anyway... today this guy's on the train w/a Britney look-a-like.  I was insatiably curious that she might be the wifey.  But alas, no.  She didn't have a ring, and got off on my stop, while he remained on the train.

I monitored my immediate reaction to her.  Fake tan, salon blond with no hair out of place, color-coordinated, coutured/stylish with all the appropriate adornments and accoutrements, perfect makeup, nails.  She fiddled with her rings and checked her phone habitually.  I thought overall she had that "plastic" mien that I find rather superficial.  Vaguely haughty.  Cool verging on dismissive.  Not natural -- coiffed to a level of specific presentation.

Did he work with her?  Ugh.  I was way too curious.  I kept looking over @ him (them); occasionally, he'd catch my glance.  And of course, I'd quickly look aside... which really was total impulse b/c I was wearing sunglasses and he'd never see where my gaze was anyway!  (Of course, turning my head quickly made it obvious!)  Entertainment!!
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