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 I guess I’ve lately been in more of a reflective state of mind, cogitating, whenever I have found myself even momentarily unoccupied. Working things out inwardly, rather than ready to put them down in print. But eventually, the ideas do synthesize into a body of thought and I feel the need to actually SEE what they look like pulled together.
Backtracking: Last August, quite by accident, I rediscovered socionics. After a bit of “relearning” the applications of intraverted and extraverted functions, I found my MBTT type is still my socionics type: INPF (MB) and socionics INFp/IEI (intuitive ethical introtim). According to socionics my “ego” functions would be introverted intuition (1st) and extraverted feeling (2nd). Working with this platform, I’ve been watching myself use these functions pretty effectively, without realizing I have been doing so. Conscious attention has been key factor. In fact, I’d taken a kind of “brain sex” test to determine male vs. female cognitive strengths and came out surprisingly functionally balanced (not male or female, actually). One of the problems assessed emotional awareness – accurately perceiving emotional expression in pairs of human eyes. Shocked myself with a result of 9/10 accuracy. Indeed, that made me realize that if I was really that good at reading people for emotional expression, I should probably trust myself more on that ability and stop doubting my impressions. 

To go even further along, I’ve been able to see how this process is clearly using intuition to read emotional cues/information. It occurred to me that in all likelihood, this is also my fundamental “survival” strategy, so it would behoove me to trust it to do its job efficiently. Also, I realized I need to stop getting in my own way by imposing my “wishes” on perception. That is, I see that my desires interfere with my ability to make sense, adapt and respond accurately to what I perceive. If, however, I raise my impressions to consciousness without attempting to impose any “wishfulness” regarding their motivation, I don’t cloud matters. I never realized the extent to which the way I perceived things and the way I wanted them to be were so inextricably bound together. No wonder I never trusted myself. Information should not be conflated with idealization. And it’s really remarkable how this kind of awareness makes perception much more effective and “clean”. Free of influence. 

Piecing together disparate information items like nonverbal cues (tone, gesture, position, etc.) along with context, actual spoken statements gives a person a much bigger picture to work with. The whole truth really is elusive, however a well-honed intuition makes a formidable tool for navigation.
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