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Yes!  I'm back due to popular demand!  (well-- at least for the one of you who inquired after my absence!)

I have been around, but busy with our most recent play, The Winter's Tale, which ran the last two weekends (Jan 11-13 and Jan 18-20).  I didn't have a large role this time, so it was not as taxing, but still required a bunch of my time.  It didn't seem like the play would come together, until it actually did at some nebulous point during the last week of tech-type rehearsals.  Whew!  What a relief that was.  The director was different, didn't seem to pay much mind to the fact that Shakespeare might require more attention to detail than a regular play, and didn't seem to know what to do with our performance space, which is something like a "round-thrust".  Not proscenium, where audience is strictly before the stage, rather audience is arranged around the perimeter and performance is in the middle.  Entrances come from "voms" referred to in a clockface terminology (ie: most of my entrances in this one were from "9".  I rather like it, as does the overwhelming feedback we've received from audience.  Very intimate, allows the audience to feel involved with the action, rather than merely watching from a distance.

I had two smaller supporting roles, which involved a costume change from female to male.  One was a lady-in-waiting, so a dress for that, and the other was a Lord of the court.  My Lord getup was really so fab; military-esque black and dark grey with new black high boots I'd bought just this season, red accent notions and wait for it... a cloak!  A warm grey wool-like traveling cloak (I was the emissary to Apollo's oracle at Delphi!).   Really cool.

Many of our friends and actors from previous performances came to see us!  It's really quite wonderful to see this group evolve.  Gradually building an appreciative audience, who really are impressed with us doing Shakespeare in our comfortable little space.  Knowing I've been an important motivating factor for the Company is really rewarding.  My heart is really in this... and it's good to have something you're passionate about.

So... anyway... over now.  =(

Next up is Taming of the Shrew (in May-June).  Not one of my favorites, certainly not my choice, but of course, since actors are all attention-seeking by nature, I will go out for Katherine.  Some stiff competition for this role, I think, but I'll give it my best foul-tempered sneer.


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