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So... the Shakespeare Co. held our very first Annual Holiday Bash last Friday, December 14.  I took to calling it the Saturnalia myself, looking for something a bit more exotic.  (Didn't really catch on though).

Pretty successful, altogether!  Many people came.  Much food and alcohol was consumed!  Pretty good cross-section from the last few plays.  Didn't nab any of the lapsed cast of the first play, but eh.  Whattya gonna do, right?  A big catch was that our King from All's Well showed!  He'd dropped out of playing Prospero in Tempest, and we really thought we'd never see him after that.  None of us would hold ill feelings, but it seems kinda common that someone who dropped out of a role would feel awkward about returning to the group later on.  There's more than a few people I doubt seriously we'll ever see again.  But t'was a good time had by all -- I made a very impromptu "Winter's Tale" (our next play) punch with a bottle of grappa (the play takes place partly in Sicily) and some Sicilian lemon soda, colored blue with a bit of curacao and embellished with lemon sherbet.  It was a BIG hit with everyone!  A not-too-sweet punch with just the right amount of "punch".  =)

Some people had RSVP-ed and didn't end up showing, and some just didn't show, no word at all.  (More on that later).  

I've also been having to take many vacation days this month rather than lose them, so I was off Friday (12/14) and Monday (12/17).  Monday ended up being a non-stop-shop-til-I-drop day.  Hence, most of my urgent Holiday gift shopping is now complete.  Was tiring, though.  Holidays this year have been more difficult than ever before in the way of getting motivated.  I'm seriously becoming a grinch.  The sheer commercialism and obligation just really make me entirely stubborn.  There's a kind of inertia that's really difficult for me to overcome.

At any rate, it's already been a busy weekend and week so far.  Had rehearsal on Sat.  Then, went over a friends to cookie-bake on Sun.   Went to rehearsal Monday night (just for fun-- I really didn't NEED to be there) and we have a "Board" meeting tomorrow night.  I'm really still only on the Board because a few of my friends are.  And Douglas.  (Our director of the last two plays and co-president).  I indulge in a little hero worship 'cause he's just so cool!  He's like the dad I always wanted!  My friends think I'm hilarious!

In the next play, I've carved out my very own brief little scene!  Two small parts total -- Emilia (gentlewoman to the Queen) and Cleomenes (fetcher of Apollo's oracle).


*yawn*... Tired now.  Other interesting things beneath the surface, but I'm going to wait until I see how they play out a little more before I discuss more openly...

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