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When I woke up this morning, my hair still smelled of chiminea!

Our cast party was last night.  Yes, the second and final weekend of Tempest is done.  The show is now over.  Sad!!  Sad!!  But we really did go out on a very high note.  Every one was in reveling spirits.  We all put our hearts into the last performance, I think.  It really was palpable.  And the audience was the biggest we'd had the entire run.  Had to add extra chairs!  We carried over all our good feelings into the afterparty.  Eating, drinking, carousing, sharing laughs!  I do wish it never had to end... but all good things, you know.

Will DEFINITELY miss the kissing.  *sniff!*  =(

But I took with me a very good sense/omen for the future.  Don't know exactly what that means, but I'll certainly find out one of these days... 

Absolutely, I feel such a fabulous sense of cameraderie with our core cast members.  Everyone is so different and has their own charm.  I love that they're all so distinct, so interesting in their unique ways!  And yet, we all connect so intensely with our shared love of acting.  I guess I never thought I'd feel so good being included in any group.  I never was a joiner -- but these people are all passionate and fierce creatures.  Auspicious stars that burn so brightly!!  Most of all, I love that I have something so wonderful to share with other people.  People that want to be involved and connected.  (With me, can you believe that??).  And I want to be a part of them... with all my heart.

Most significant to me, is that we all always talk of the future with each other -- what to do next, when we'll meet, endless possibilties and options.   It's really so comforting to know there's always something around the corner to look forward to.  And that there are people who need your talents, and want your company...!


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