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Sudden urges
Moon Square Pluto SquarePluto, exact at 12:16 

This influence can have many different effects, some of which you should be quite careful of. To begin with, it encourages compulsive behavior; your emotions acquire so much momentum that it is difficult not to give in to sudden urges and impulses that may not be good for you in the long run, particularly if you have been trying to suppress your feelings. This influence is least difficult if you deal with your feelings honestly and do not try to hide them from yourself. On the plus side, however, this influence allows you to go inside yourself and find out what you really want in any situation. Emotional self-analysis is very effective now, as long as you are willing to be honest. Encounters with others may also force an emotional self-confrontation which is useful, even though possibly unpleasant. 


Um... totally almost did something really rash last night!  Whoo!  Thanks, Moon Square Pluto!!  (But, of course, my omnipresent fear of rejection pulled me back from the brink at the last moment.)

Oh yes, we had rehearsal last night in our performance space for the first time... emotions were running high and wild, obviously... AND Ferdinand was shirtless and pantless.  Mmm hmm... really a sight.  Can't be helped that I wasn't in possession of my faculties.  I was blinded by sheer lust!! 

Naked flesh confused me!!  I cannot be held responsible for my (almost) actions!

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