Mar. 16th, 2008

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So... I'm officially irritated about Taming of the Shrew.

The director doesn't seem to trust me to do the part and keeps haranguing me about doing such and such exactly *this* way, to keep lowering my voice, and keeps cutting back the only "big" speech I have, so that the end result isn't at all effective.  Meanwhile other actors can actually add more lines, rework their blocking, develop their own characterization without tons of interference and are able to proceed at their own pace in their performance.

Today, she sends me an email with more cuts in my lines (which don't make much sense, don't flow and remove much of the funny parts) and a whole bunch of "suggestions" about altering my performance.

I'm just about fed up.  If I can't seem to get anywhere reasoning with her this last time, I'm actually thinking I should just quit the play.  She seems to want such specifics, I feel hamstrung as to make the role my own.  I get the feeling that she wants to model the role after something she's seen done -- hence no real leeway to create my own version.

It's just not fun right now.  And these issues don't seem to ever be resolved.   >=(

Fundamentally, I feel like she doesn't want to allow me to come up with my own bits and explore the part in my own time.  The focus she's put on this role (it's rather a minor one actually) is really grating.  Look, I'm NOT getting paid, I didn't realize the director would be so nitpicky about such an exacting performance and if I'm not going to be having fun doing this, I really don't see the point in doing it at all.


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