Oct. 27th, 2007

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Well... Tempest opened last night!  

Pretty good crowd, especially for a miserably bitter torrential downpour Friday night.  Of course, it was not without mishap -- circuit breaker blew, leaving us without some lighting and sound somewhere in the midst of the second Act, couldn't find the $%@&-ing part in the curtain to make an exit from one of the scenes, a few jumped cues, a couple long pauses, but generally, a successful opening.

After initial jitters, I think I settled into a pretty good creative tension.  Always feel I can do a scene *more* effectively, but putting that aside, I guess if the audience appreciates the performance, that's all that matters in the long run.  In a way, a performance at its best is a sincere offering.  The ideal taps into something Universal.  Something always to aspire to for me... now to keep the momentum going!

Other events that happened last night (during and post-show) have me caught up in thought.  Feelings that I'm attempting to decipher and unravel.  I know it's dangerous for me to think too much.  Yet I can't help but feel sometimes that I'm being swept along by events.  I wonder what I really want, I feel hesitant about the future, unsure about the trajectory and wonder if I need to brace myself in some way.  Lately, I've just been surrendering to the current.  Defusing my resistance, schooling myself in acceptance.   Sometimes, though, there's a sense that the waves could very quickly be over my head, and I could suddenly be trying very desperately not to drown.  While I'm certainly more familiar with the feeling of coping with situations in which I can't seem to get what I want, how much more unfamiliar would be a scenario in which I do gain something significant?  Then I'd really have something to lose.

How would I know what to do then?  Perhaps The Tempest is indeed in effect.


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