Aug. 1st, 2007

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Venus Square Mars (null)Square,
activity period from middle of July 2007 until middle of October 2007.

Physical attraction

Valid during several months: This influence usually arouses your interest in finding or enjoying a partner and contributes to the physical side of a sexual relationship. But its energy may cause discord, especially if there are hidden tensions in the relationship. A reasonably healthy relationship will have little difficulty during this time. But if your relationship is in trouble, you will probably have arguments and other forms of discord, all arising from unexpressed sexuality. If you are not currently involved in a sexual relationship, you will probably be inordinately attracted to find a partner, without being very discriminating. Therefore this is not the best influence under which to start a relationship, since it may be based only on physical attraction. 

'nuff said... so say the Stars.

Fortunately, I'm rather unencumbered by "caution" in considering my romantic involvements.
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So... I've been thinking recently how there's a movie coming out based on the "Watchmen" comic book.

Basically, I became more intimately acquainted with the comic book oeuvre while in college.  My college bf had a group of friends (mostly on the geeky side), who were generally intelligent, and as a whole, interested in off-beat things.  Like comic books.  One of them introduced me to the world of Watchmen, Swamp Thing, Sandman, Black Orchid and all things Gaiman.  We'd have a comic book run every few weeks or so up to Riverhead, where the closest comic store was (bout 1/2 hr away from school).  Got to be an event.  And I began hoarding comics.  (No surprise).

So here I am, years later, with no one to share this particular interest.  And that's typical actually... when I think about it, I've got scores of these kinds of "orphan" interests that I adopted when I was friends (or even closer) with someone significant to me.  I've eclectically added to my own interests with each person I've known to a greater or lesser degree.  Really, I'm an interest "collector", just as much as I collect any one thing!!  While I'm kinda proud of the fact that I'm multifaceted in this way -- and it always gives me TONS to reference at any given point -- I'm sometimes at a loss to share my enthusiasm with someone else.  The person that influenced me has generally LONG moved on.  The interests that I acquired from them remain, like points on a map of where I've been and who I've met along the way.

It's comforting, but also occasionally terribly lonely.  I cherish their evidence, but am nonetheless reminded that they're no longer in my life to share with me.

I really do sanctify their relics.


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