Jul. 31st, 2007

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Ah, yes... neglected to post that I'd finished the HP book last Friday eve.  Tied up the ends rather satisfactorily, although I was generally dismayed at the body count racked up by the end of the book.  Really... was it entirely necessary?

And that final "epilogue" chapter umpteen years later...?  So treacly, I think I must have several more cavities.  Really can't stand the HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY endings.  Sure, they all suffered some pretty grueling and gruesome 7 years, but total Utopian perfectly-paired bliss is just unnecessary.  A denoument that I could totally have done without.  I mean, I guess I just don't find it the least realistic (and wands and magic and Dementors are, I hear you ask lugubriously...?).  Of course not, but it's... just the principle!  Struggles to overcome adversity are noble and engaging to contemplate!  Complacent slouching bliss is boring.  Tedious.  *yawn*.

BUT then, I suppose there's no need for a conflict to keep the reader engaged when the story's finished.  No reason to keep us interested, so why not let them all happily interbreed and procreate in the speculative future, right?

Still I say, ugh!.   And yes, I guess I AM a bitter ol' spinster with cats!  So *nyah*!!!  >=p

(But still pretty enough to be Miranda!)

I survive on my rapier wit alone!!!

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Really cool article on the subconscious brain... "Who's Minding the Mind?"...

I really am fascinated by the subconscious workings -- especially now that there's more and more evidence that we're not all about the conscious thoughts and far less conscious of our own deeper motives than we think!  Plus, the idea of subtle cues that influence our behaviour to a great degree is really neat.


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