Jul. 25th, 2007

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Page 289.  Guess I'm not really a rabid HP fan.

I find it interesting so far.  Curious how all the threads will be tied up, but not particularly motivated to power through it like those who got it at 12:00am Saturday and finished by 3 or 4 am.  And it's the only one I actually have bought.  The last 6 I'd borrowed from friends or the local library.  Just not in a hurry for anything to be over.  (I've always dreaded the ends of things anyway).

Lately, in fact (and I guess this is related to the fear of things ending) I've been collecting things and then most compulsively saving them to enjoy/read/use at a later time.  It's quite strange, like I'm procuring things to look forward to, but then never get around to actually perusing or using.  Like, there's this food magazine from Australia I buy religiously, every month.  But when do I actually read them?  Just keep putting them away "for later"...  So weird that I've now started procrastinating my pastimes to have something to look forward to enjoying, even if I never actually do get around to enjoying them!


Tempest rehearsals are actually starting to come together regularly now.  I imagine August we'll begin to really gear up, while September will be fine-tuning and serious tightening.  At this point, we're still trying to get the second play, Winter's Tale online.  Can't seem to get a director set.  

Not to mention, we're still seeing actors coming in for auditions --  it's so funny -- there's these young female actors, either high school or college age, all reading the exact same Miranda lines!!  Guess I really do have the much coveted female lead role!!


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