Jul. 10th, 2007

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Was reading an interesting article in the New York Times Sunday Magazine about Williams syndrome, when I came across the concept of "theory of mind" (which I'd never heard named before):


btw... anyone with a background or interest in neurogenetics/neurobiology and behavior will find this article interesting.  There's a comparison of the Williams cognitive deficit with those of autism and Down's.  Really quite fascinating to see just how complex and delicate our social behaviour and neurobiology is.  

I find the idea of "theory of mind" quite interesting for predictive purposes in dealing with others.  No doubt I have a blind spot in "social intelligence" to some degree.  Perhaps it's willful -- I always avoided learning those kinds of group etiquettes.  Thus, I'm left at this point in my life with a deficit in reading reactions at times -- especially those times when I'm trying to establish a friendship or relationship.  It's a nerve-wracking period of time, worrying that I'm not capable of reading someone accurately and fearing the rejection if I read "wrong".  Certainly, I'm not entirely blind, but the subtleties of interpretation are often starkly baffling.  Not to mention, if it's MORE important to me that I get it "right", I'm constantly second-guessing and looking for assurances that I'm not making huge errors in reading reactions.   Those times are particularly frustrating -- it's often like my intuitive ability has been scrambled.

I just like to know I'm not making a complete fool of myself in front of a potential friend/interest.


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