Jun. 18th, 2007

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Saturday's performance was my best one yet!!  (And ironically, the last I had as Helena).  Really felt like I'd finally got to the point of sheer instinct with both the character and verse.  

As for my playboy *crush*... well, got to kiss him again.  Ever so delicious.  To my surprise (and sheer delight), he also took the opportunity to add a little spontaneous spice to the end of our red-light pantomime (there's a whole lay-down in his arms thing)  At the last minute, he leaned his head over and brushed his lips against my neck.  I could feel his warm breath on my skin.  Thank the Fates it was so dark behind the curtain that no one could see my honest reaction.  Oh. My. Goddesssssssssssss.  I really am starved...  Too bad I'd have to put my name on a waiting list for him.  Really.

In fact, I was brazen enough yesterday to make just such an offhand comment to him -- I think he had joked something about needing a woman for every day of the week.  I said he should let me know when he had an opening, maybe I'd put in an application.  He called me saucy..!  Tee hee.  Flirting is SO much fun.  But of course, with me, it's never entirely innocent.  I definitely flirt with intention.  That way, wherever it might lead, I'm on board.  When one flirts indiscriminately, it can easily be taken seriously by the wrong person.  Ugh.

"But now he's gone... and my idolatrous fancy must sanctify his relics..."

Yup.  It's all over now.  *sob!*  Remains to be seen how much profit was made, but as far as we all are concerned, it's been a rousing success.  My only regret was that we didn't have more performances (see above).  Seems a shame to have all these lines memorized and nowhere to speak 'em anymore.


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