Jan. 22nd, 2007

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Yes, it's official, I'm in love ...with my new Palm pda!  Yes, thrilling!  I know you're all disappointed. =P

Anyway, I've had a New Year's Resolution to "get organized".  Yes, we all make these resolutions sooner or later... (if you happen to be a perceptive).  Those born with the "J" gene just emerge from the womb with a penchant for organization and an innate affinity for all things orderly.  My mom was the orderly one in the household while I was growing up.  I guess my aversion to having things always neat and tidy grew from a kernel of rebellion.  I wasn't known for staying out late gallavanting or hanging out with disreputable companions.  No, my rebellion took its purest form in refusing to make my bed and organize!!  HA!  Take that you minions of order!!

Eh.  At this point in my life, I guess I just find myself multitasking more and more, getting buried under things I want to remember, think about, or dwell on in detail some later time.  I was ending up with lists, scribbles on different scraps of paper and constant problems with recall.  It's like I always think about that rule that the human brain can only keep 7 things in short term memory at any given time.  Think of an 8th and one of the previous gets forced out.  Really is kinda strange being aware that one of them dropped off the memory list, but you're not sure which...  Any rate, Palm is now in my life, and we're very happy together.  There's all sorts of neat things on there.  One software program allows you to make endless lists of stuff -- books to read, movies to watch, groceries to buy at the supermarket...  of course, they get you hooked on this program, like a trial-size of crack, and then make you pay for the full application after a month of use.   Sneaky, but effective.  It's indeed so useful that you don't mind the $29 just so that you can have the software all to yourself to make more lists!

Incidentally, the resolution really began at a lunch with a friend, where he asked me shortly before New Year's Day if I had a resolution.  And I did -- I'd been thinking about getting all my address and contact info together in one place.  Oh, I'd tried the paper/leather/book organizer with mixed results.  Usually, I'd be really good in the beginning, filling in addresses and appointments for about a month or two and then getting lax.  *sigh*  Entropy... really, why fight it?

The idea struck me that one of my irritants with address books is that I never really know the same people 5 to 10 years down the line.  Then, I'm just stuck with an address book full of people I no longer keep in touch with.  It becomes another source of pondering and angst that I can't seem to keep friends.  But maybe they simply don't want to be kept... maybe I just would like a way to delete them from my address book cleanly and efficiently.  Without ripping a page, blacking out lines or whiting out over an entry...  and now, the wonders of modern technology make that possible.  A no-longer friend doesn't really need to be in there mocking my lack of idyllic bonding any longer.

Not to forget to mention that I found the Palm z22 also has this neat gadgety software installed that provides random knowledge for learning (and I find myself idly wondering how many people use this feature) -- but what did I come across in my very first glance at the list of topics?  None other than an entry for "kitsune".  Pages and pages of origin, myths, and details.  Way too cool synchronicity.

palm z22, *sigh*  we have so much in common...


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